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In our Knowledge Base Library of Important Facts and Frequently Asked Questions, you will have the opportunity to expand your overall knowledge base of efficiency techniques for your manufacturing process. Nearly every video takes less than 2 minutes to absorb and retain. An abundance of short videos (Frequently Asked Questions) and white papers await your review.


This library focuses on the following topics:


        1. Getting Started
        2. Overall Equipment Effectiveness
        3. Pricing – Low Cost, High Return
        4. A Picture Says a Thousand Words
        5. Manufacturing Execution System Components
        6. A la Carte
        7. Success is the Only Option
        8. An in-depth look at the Product
        9. White Papers


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Getting Started

The following videos will assist you in the commencement of this important journey. While the journey may appear to be a long one…and it is…these short questions and answers will provide great direction for you and your team.

Welcome to Fortech

Where does this journey begin and what do I need to do to become more efficient?

How does any customer get started and how does the process work?

What advice do we provide to a company that is confused on a good entry point?

What kind of support exists after the initial implementation?

What type of efficiency improvement do we project for our customers?

Are there considerations in deciding which MES components are best for a customer?

What are the road blocks with PLCs and starting on the MES journey?

What was the thought process behind our Risk Management platform?

What is the true definition of a unique and cloned line?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

If you currently don’t use some version of measuring your effectiveness, now is the time to begin. OEE or Overall Equipment Effectiveness is the industry standard of measuring effectiveness and efficiency and is comprised of three major calculations in determining areas of improvement.

What is OEE and what ingredients are needed for this measurement?

What are the most important aspects of determining where OEE can be improved?

What kind of improvement can I expect from traveling this journey?

Is there any set of standards or targets for OEE and can you benchmark lines against each other?

Should change overs be considered as scheduled downtime?

Will our revolutionary OEE+3 be ready for launch at Pack Expo this September?

Pricing – Low Cost, High Return

How can we be sure that we are the low-cost provider? We hear it from the industry. We hear it from our customers. We offer the biggest bang for the buck in a variety of solutions that will surely improve your efficiency. Test the waters with our pilot line pricing. Get your feet wet on the most important MES components and expand at your own time frame. We have invested 25 years in the development of our MES platform, manuFACT and can offer you this comprehensive line-enhancement solution at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Can pricing be affected by similarity among lines?

Are there distinguishing characteristics that determine the similarity among lines?

Why are implementation and integration fees based on a variable rate?

If we come under our estimated amount on implementation and integration, how is the customer billed?

Our licensing fees have been structured with 3 great advantages. Can you elaborate on them?

Do we typically include 5 modules on our pilot line for customers?

Is there a low-cost proof of concept that we offer customers to experience MES platforms?

How long do customers typically test a pilot line?

Are there cost-effective measures for smaller plants who can't afford PLCs or a full MES platform?

Return on Investment Video

Why is our ROI so heavily weighted in the first year?

We have several pricing options. What is the value with our perpertual license?

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Three highly effective and patented components are now available for use on your manufacturing lines including Video Event Capture, Downtime Viewer / OEE3+ and Linespex Industrial Vision System.


All three are unique. The Video Event Capture component can gather data in the absence of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for a fraction of the price.

The newly released Downtime Viewer / OEE3+ can provide the three measurements necessary to measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) the universal equation for measuring line effectiveness.


These innovative components can and should be accompanied by a highly effective, state-of-the-art industrial vision system. Fortech has all three available.

Now, smaller plants can also benefit by measuring their own OEE in a plant with unlimited lines for under $50,000.00 (Cameras and recording devices are priced separately).


The industrial vision system is highly recommended to immediately capture and identify root causes for unplanned stops. Visualization of unplanned stops can also be used in training applications and segues from one shift to another.

How important is a camera system and how does it interact with the Downtime Viewer?

How does Downtime Viewer interact with our camera system?

Can Downtime Viewer identify stops both upstream and downstream?

What are the sources for collecting data and how does our Downtime Viewer contribute to this capture?

The Video Event Capture can replace PLCs. But, what else can the VEC load into?

Can Video Event Capture also support and load into any other MES platform?

Are there any reasons not to use Fortech's Video Event Capture in lieu of more traditional PLCs?

Our partner Linespex has joined ranks with us. Has this been a good partnership?

How critical is the visualization of root causes?

Manufacturing Execution System Components

For those manufacturing enterprises with several plants, and highly specific requirements, Fortech has now made its cloud-based offering of MES components.


Housed under the suite name manuFACT, these components and their unique advantages can be reviewed in the tab labelled “Product Selection.”

On most customers' Manufacturing Execution Systems ( or MES) which components are most popular?

Are plant managers familiar with most of the MES options that exist?

How important is the Centerline module of our MES?

Does Fortech have a Preventive Maintenance module?

Can Fortech assist a customer in predicting a downtime event?

Regarding the future of Predictive Maintenance, when can we expect this module?

Since Predictive Maintenance relies heavily on the Statistical Process Control module, can you elaborate on this component?

What is "Wackamole" and how does the Production Execution System reduce downtime?

What are the advantages of the Production Execution System?

How does the Electronic Daily Direction Settings affect shifts and what occurred with the previous shift?

Is there a need for all 12 of our MES Components?

Would you elaborate on when our Centerline component is of value?

Why is Quality such an important aspect of our MES Platform?

Is our Statistical Process Control an important component within our MES?

A La Carte

Tremendous advantages exist outside of the suite of manuFACT components including multi-lingual capabilities, and the value of manuFACT for CEOs, CFOs, and COOs. Fortech’s focus is that if you treat your employees well, they will treat the customer well.


Also, Fortech’s team members elaborate on their choice to work and support Fortech.

Does the situation arise when we simply are not suited to support a customer?

Is upper management such as COOs, CFOs and CEOs becoming more involved in corrrective action?

Do customers realize how critical our multi-lingual capabilities are?

Have we ever been initimidated by providing a solution to a Forture 50 or 100 Company?

Can a line operator "beat the system" and what is the danger in that happening?

Terry's Thoughts on Fortech

Joel's Thoughts on Fortech

Success is the only Option

Imagine playing on a sports team who goes undefeated in 25 consecutive years! Hard to believe or visualize? Yes. But Fortech has yet to have a failure with any customer over the 25 years of its existence. Our competitors boast size and depth and frequently use that comparison against us. But when determining your supplier of an MES platforms, you may want to pick the undefeated Fortech and its MES platform manuFACT. It’s time to win the game against unplanned stops, slow equipment rates and loss through scrap.


Why does year one reflect such a huge spike in efficiency?

What kind of Return-on-Investment can our customers expect?

Is Corrective action critical to increasing line efficiency?

Are we better than most of our competitors?

Do we compete well with the Big Boys?

What is the difference in providing a solution vs providing an answer to a question?

Is there any reason why any company - large or small - should not use Fortech?

What is our overall goal at Fortech?

Have we ever failed during our 25-year existence?

An In-Depth Look at the Product

Line Event Data System

Downtime Viewer

Quality Data System

Production Execution System

Maple Activity Scheduler

Real Time Confidence Report

Video Event Capture

Predictive Maintenance

What's new on the horizon?

Measuring Considerations

White Papers

Our Value Exceeds Our Competitors

OEE+3 – The Least Expensive Way to Calculate Your OEE

The Formula for Defining OEE

Great Reasons to Use Fortech

What Makes Fortech Different

Real Time Confidence Report

Time is Money – A Snapshot of Our Manufacturing Execution Systems

Never. Ever. Again


The future is now!

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