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Imagine equipping your entire plant with the universal efficiency measuring device - OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFECTIVENESS, or OEE, for one unbelievable plant license and literally a two-day integration process. Fortech’s OEE+3 can now provide your plant with Availability, Performance and Quality measurements for one fixed price…regardless of how many lines are in your plant. Release Date: October 1, 2021.

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Four Special Offers to Get You Started

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Take a look at these best-in-class products that seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

Our Manufacturing Execution Systems boast both a client/server set of components and a cloud-based set of components. Both platforms offer the same products and services.


Our newest release (shown above) is the OEE+3 component that can assist plants simply looking to measure their efficiency through a plant license and a one-time fee. Additional information appears on the Investment Fees section.


Automatically Capture, Track and Resolve Production Issues


Perform New Quality Tests on Finished Products for Improvements


Collect, Track and Analyze Product Settings for Line Setup

A Look Into the Future!


From Initial Design to Continuous Improvement, Fortech is Your Most Complete, Reliable Business Partner.

At Fortech, we receive more positive comments regarding our support services than any other aspect of our solutions. Fortech is one of the few companies which holds itself responsible for the installation and integration of its own services and products.


  • User interfaces have a large variety of looks and feels
  • For 25 years, we’ve been developing custom applications
  • Our systems adapt and work with your existing processes
  • We will be able to guide you on the most appropriate corrective actions






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