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We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary as a Manufacturing Execution System supplier.

Twenty-five years of code development, testing, refinement, implementation and integration have resulted in the most comprehensive and inexpensive MES platform in the world.


Originally founded to support Procter & Gamble with its manufacturing efficiencies and challenges, we are still a proud partner and supplier to P&G today. Fortech’s MES Platform manuFACT boasts a comprehensive collection of modules to elevate your production counts and lower your unexpected downtime. Whether you are a small manufacturing company with a single line, or an international giant, Fortech is well-positioned to exceed your expectations.


Located in West Chester, Ohio our team of engineers, software developers and support professionals are anxious to help you with a “grass-roots” approach to improving your overall equipment effectiveness by improving your run time, eliminating your unplanned downtime and reducing your waste throughout the process.


Welcome to Fortech! We are excited to explore the future with you.

Our History

1995 – Fortech is established providing support and development of an existing manufacturing execution system in the largest business Procter & Gamble, a Fortune 50 consumer goods manufacturer.

1999 – Fortech begins development of a custom MES suite of applications for the largest business unit of this same Fortune 50 consumer goods manufacturer.

2009 – Fortech acquires the rights to offer the MAPLE Suite application. The application goes global with installations of the system taking place worldwide. Fortech’s 24 / 7 support structure is established.

2015 - Fortech begins integration support for Procter & Gamble of various new components and platforms and continues the effort today.

2019 – The patented Video Event Capture MAPLE Suite component is developed and prepared for release to the public.

2020 - Fortech celebrates its 25th Silver Anniversary in business.

2021 - OEE+3, the least expensive component that measures Overall Equipment Effectiveness is available for global distribution.

 2023 - manuFACT, Fortech's newest MES platform becomes available in a cloud-based architecture. The initial phases of development have a 12-month window for completion.


The future is now!

We are the leaders and low cost providers of Manufacturing Execution Systems, and are dedicated to improving your manufacturing efficiency. Fortech software solutions and system integration offers affordable mobile, web, desktop, intranet, and database software solutions. We provide system integration services for custom projects, application development, business process management and validation. Contact us if you want immediate improvements and enhancements of your manufacturing efficiency.

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