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There are “must have” products that will assist you in becoming more efficient in your manufacturing capabilities. In order to capture Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE, a standardized and globally accepted line measuring calculation, you must have a line event data system.


Fortech provides a Line Event Data System (LEDS) and has combined this accurate data capture system with a unique Downtime Viewer (DTV). Fortech’s Downtime Viewer can be accompanied by a state-of-the-art industrial vision system which provides time-stamped visual capture of downtime events in real time.


Additional key components are available in the client/server platform MAPLESuite and the cloud-based manuFACT. Everything from preventive to predictive maintenance; production execution schedule to statistical process control; quality capture of weights and torques and every other tool that an efficient manufacturing facility needs to increase throughput.


All components are designed with multi-lingual capabilities. So, if you have one plant in the United States, one plant in France and another plant in Brazil, each component can instantly be offered in the native language of the line associates working at that plant. Components can be purchased separately or in clusters depending on your specific needs.


Most importantly, Fortech executes its own implementation and integration, accelerating the time frame to be running more efficiently.

Line Event Data System

Line Event Data System

Automatically Capture, Track and Resolve Production Issues.

Quality data system

Quality Data System

Perform New Quality Tests on Finished Products for Improvements.

Downtime Viewer

Downtime Viewer

Make Fact-based Decisions Based on Real-time Visibility.

Video Event Capture

Video Event Capture

Eliminate Manual Tracking and Easily Collect Data.

Production Execution Scheduler

Production Execution System

Improve Production Planning and Scheduling in Real-Time.



Collect, Track and Analyze
Product Settings for Line Setup.

Clean, Inspect and Lubricate

Clean, Inspect and Lubricate

Plan Maintenance, Lower Costs and Impove Uptime.

Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control

Monitor and Control Performance
While Verifying Results.


manuFACT Activity Scheduler

Fully Automate Task Notification and
Tracking Module.

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 10.00.47 AM

Weights and Torques

Improve Compliance and Quality on Fill Rates and Product Weights.

Electronic Daily Direction Setting

Electronic Daily Directional Setting

Easily Group KPI Reports and Optimize Daily Direction Setting.


The future is now!

We are the leaders and low cost providers of Manufacturing Execution Systems, and are dedicated to improving your manufacturing efficiency. Fortech software solutions and system integration offers affordable mobile, web, desktop, intranet, and database software solutions. We provide system integration services for custom projects, application development, business process management and validation. Contact us if you want immediate improvements and enhancements of your manufacturing efficiency.

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