The software engineers at Fortech are experts in the manufacturing process and the integration of manufacturing execution systems. We know how to bridge the gap between what you have and what you need to be successful. Take a look at these best-in-class products that seemlessly integrate into your workflow.

Line Event Data System

Automatically Capture, Track and Resolve Production Issues.

Clean, Inspect, Lube

Plan Maintenance, Lower Costs and Impove Uptime

Production Execution Scheduler

Improve Production Planning and Scheduling in Real-Time


Collect, Track and Analyze
Product Settings for Line Setup

Quality Data System

Perform New Quality Tests on 
Finished Products for Improvements

Electronic Daily Direction Setting

Easily Group KPI Reports and
Optimize Daily Direction Settings

Material Consumption and Production Tracking

Automatically Capture and Track Material Consumption and Production

MAPLE Activity Scheduler

Fully Automated Task Notification and
Tracking Module

Statistical Process Control

Monitor and Control Performance
While Verifying Results

Downtime Viewer

Make Fact-based Decisions Based on Real-time Visibility

Video Event Capture

Eliminate Manual Tracking and Easily Collect Data