Fortech Celebrates 25-Year Working Relationship with Procter & Gamble

July 1, 2021

Beginning in July of this year our adapted favorite color is silver. That’s right! With 25 years of experience, code development, comprehensive solutions and not one single failure, Fortech LLC is celebrating its 25th anniversary in business.

Every single manufacturing line enhancement component has been created by Fortech and is now available on a global basis.

Kent Forsythe, CEO and founder of Fortech believes its new launch of the cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System manu-FACT will be a game changer for at least another 25 years.

Fortech cut its MES “teeth” supporting the manufacturing efforts of Procter & Gamble and has grown to 25 employees in that time span.

Fortech has supplied innovative solutions for Procter & Gamble in 25 plants on 500 lines in several countries.

“Careful expansion is the name of the game,” states Kent Forsythe. “It is critical that we never over promise and under deliver,” Forsythe added. Fortech has grown organically and each component we offer is guaranteed to capture data, provide analysis and prepare potential solutions to make its customers more efficient and profitable.

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