Fortech's Solution for Unexpected Downtime is Expected Soon!

Why Not Intelligence 5.0?

In other words, why not PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE. Many MES companies would suggest that they have developed it. Fortech is not so sure. For 25 years, we have been piecing together all of the parts of this incredible solution – Predictive Maintenance. As stated in the introductory sound bite on our home page, “What if you could actually predict the future? Predict when your line was going to absorb an unexpected stop? How much product could be produced with little or any unexpected downtime?

Call it Industry 5.0. Call it Predictive Maintenance. Call it whatever you’d like. For years we have developed all the ingredients of Predictive Maintenance. And now the future is the present. We’ve connected the dots and we can deliver the future to you today. Call Fortech today to learn more about your future tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates. We believe Intelligence 5.0 will be ready by December 2019, if not sooner.