All Pricing is Based on Six Investment Fee Categories.

Fortech segments and itemizes its investment fee structure into 6 categories and then blends those investments into a return on investment schedule. Pricing has been developed for:


Two options exist for the licensing of Fortech’s MAPLE Suites:

Fortech’s 20/20 Model provides the option of spreading licensing fees over a 5 year period at which time a perpetual license will be offered to you. If you choose to pay the entire licensing fee at the start of  your contract, you will save 10% on the entire licensing fee.

Pricing is set based on how many plants you implement throughout your network.
Price breaks exist at 5, 10, 15 and 20 or more plants.


Fortech is one of the few companies that implements its own code and suite of products. Implementation is quoted on a projected amount of hours to fully implement your components. While implementation is based on a time and materials platform, the more prepared your team is, the less expensive implementation can be.

Conversely, if additional hours are needed over and above the projected amount your company will be charged along the lines of established pricing in your formal proposal.


Around the clock (24/7) support and maintenance is offered and charged at 20% of the total licensing fee on a year-to-year basis. Support and maintenance is an optional service and is included in the first year’s licensing fee.

While you are not mandated to incur the support and maintenance fee, Fortech strongly recommends its usage until your entire staff is comfortable with the hourly and daily workings of your MAPLE Suite Components.


With the exception of Fortech’s Industrial Vision Camera and Recording System, necessary hardware should be purchased and integrated by your staff. This is based on an assumption that your local purchasing power is far stronger than Fortech’s purchasing power – especially on an international basis. Should you elect to purchase our state-of-the-art camera and recording system the investment fee will be included in your formal proposal.


Training can be conducted on-site or through remote e-learning. Training is based on the number of MAPLE Suite components selected and the number of shifts.


Travel is offered based on your locations and the number of projected days on site at the manufacturing plant. Travel is capped meaning that if Fortech exceeds its projected price, it will absorb any extraordinary costs. If travel comes in below the projected price, you will be invoiced the actual costs.