MAPLE Suite's Perpetual License Allows for Unlimited Users

As mentioned in Fortech’s 20/20 Model, you will be awarded a perpetual license for the MAPLE Suite selection of components. At the end of year 5, after all payments are fullfilled, the annual license transfers to a perpetual license. You will still be able to enroll an unlimited number of end users per line.

And, keep in mind this Fortech value-added benefit… all licensing and associated investment fees exist for multiple lines. In other words, the licensing for 5 lines is the same as a single line. The licensing for 10 lines is the same as 6 lines. All licensing is offered in multiples of 5 lines at a time.

The other components of Fortech’s pricing – Installation, support and maintenance, hardware, training and travel will appear in your formal quote along with the tier of licensing in which you qualify.