Low Cost Provider

Unparalleled Overall Equipment Efficiencies 
at a Very Reasonable Investment Level.

For 25 years, Fortech has developed the MAPLE Suite Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Fortech has invested nearly $25,000,000 in code development, testing, validation and system integration for its customers. 

Originally developed for Procter & Gamble, with continuing development to this very day, the MAPLE Suite MES platform has been installed in approximately 25 Procter & Gamble plants and more than 500 lines for Procter & Gamble globally. In 2016, Procter & Gamble extended to Fortech a unique offer allowing it to private label the solution for companies worldwide. 

Customization and capture of validated, good data has become the mainstay of MAPLE Suite.  Included in the MAPLE Suite development are 10 components that are strictly designed to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing lines.  While satisfying the needs of Procter and Gamble Inc., Fortech developed an MES platform that could be licensed, installed and supported for a fraction of the price of competing software packages.

It is simply not enough to be the low-cost provider. Our history and our vision will allow you to realize unparalleled overall equipment efficiencies at a very reasonable investment level. We welcome the opportunity of improving your manufacturing process while setting you apart from your competition.