Fortech's Pilot Program Offers a Low-cost, Comprehensive Proof-of-Concept Option

Fortech’s Line Event Data System  (LEDS) and it’s Quality Data System (QDS), form the foundation for creating a universal measuring platform called Overall Equipment Efficiency

Fortech defines a PILOT PROGRAM as a chance to experiment with Fortech’s MAPLE Suite Cornerstone Components at a very limited financial exposure. Your entire journey begins with the capture of good data. This is accomplished through Fortech’s Line Event Data System commonly referred to as LEDS. A second major MAPLE Suite component is Fortech’s Quailty Data System commonly referred to as QDS. This component allows you to perform new quality tests on finished products for quality control and improvement. When combined LEDS and QDS form the foundation for creating a universal measuring platform referred to as OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). Add Fortech’s Downtime Viewer (DTV) and you will be able to make fact-based decisions based on real-time visibility. 

If you have not had the opportunity to work with Fortech’s MAPLE Suite in the past, we encourage you to strongly consider other components in the Suite. However, the first three components of the pilot program will provide you with a comprehensive proof of concept, while providing tremendous information all focused on corrective action. When considering a location for a pilot program, Fortech also encourages you to consider transforming that manufacturing location into a “reference and training center” for personnel training from other plants within your network.