Make Fact-based Decisions Based on Real-time Visibility With Downtime Viewer

The MAPLE Suite Downtime Viewer (DTV) and video is a web-based system that was developed by Fortech and integrated with the Linespex camera system and helps quickly and accurately identify the root cause for unplanned equipment stops. 

The Downtime Viewer and video system can connect multiple plants, sites and live production information, and integrate with equipment, controllers and enterprise business applications. 

The result is visibility, control and optimization of production and processes across the enterprise.

• Multilingual Capability.
• Automated capture and tracking of equipment downtimes and production.
• Utilization of emerging technologies like video, mobile and web.
• Integration with applications and equipment throughout the enterprise.
• Highly configurable and adaptable to a variety of operations.

• Allows fact-based operational and strategic decisions.
• Integrates with cameras and recording devices.
• Gain real time visibility across the manufacturing supply chain.
• Accelerate trace analysis, root cause diagnosis and issue resolution.
• Lower the cost of producing good quality products.
• Helps identify areas of quality improvement.