Integration of Packaged Systems

Most integrators are not software engineers. At Fortech, that's not the case. You get a team of software developers with the ability to integrate with all of your plant and enterprised needs.

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Development of Custom Applications

For nearly 20 years, we've been developing custom applications with user interfaces far superior to those of packaged systems. Our interfaces are so intuitive and fit into your work process, you may need fewer resources on the plant floor.

24x7 Support Desk Services

The Fortech support desk is second to none! Most integrators and software developers don't even provide support. At Fortech, we receive more positive comments regarding our support services than any other aspect. Our team works quickly to resolve your issues completely.
Our main business services overview

System Design

During the design process we work closely with our customers to build a user requirements document which details the users needs. We then build a technical specification which details the design of the hardware, software, user interfaces, data flow, and reporting. Throughout this process customer reviews are undertaken to ensure concurrence throughout the design stage. This type of iterative process allows for a thorough and comprehensive design and provides an early and effective means of eliminating cost overruns due to unseen needs, unexpected problems, and potential rework.


We have over 40 years of combined database experience. We have extensive experience with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases as well as experience with and making use of third-party real-time databases and their corresponding applications (e.g. data and process historians and SPC). We handle all database activities including installation, configuration, performance tuning, maintenance and database design. We also have experience interfacing to proprietary and/or non-standard databases.

User Interfaces

User interfaces have a large variety of looks and feel. We work closely with the end users of varying technical skill levels from factory floor workers to research and development engineers, to determine the best approach for data entry, retrieval and display simplicity and clarity. Fortech has designed user interfaces for a large variety of factory floor applications, quality control labs, sales order, data retrieval, and analysis tools.

Automated Data Collection

In many manufacturing departments, data can be automatically retrieved from Programmable Logic Controllers or Distributed Control Systems. We have extensive experience with connecting to a variety of control systems and automatically populating databases for statistical analysis, production control and material tracking.

Systems Integration

Most software packages come off the shelf focusing on one specific area of business such as Finance, Sales, Inventory, Quality Control, etc.. These packages also provide a means to extract and share their data. Fortech specializes in integrating these applications providing links between business systems and manufacturing software which provides critical business data to those who need it.


We stick by our motto “Proven Results, Personal Dedication” by offering and providing support for everything we develop. We understand the technical world is full of unknowns and unexpected problems and can offer tailored support packages up to 7x24 support for your mission critical applications.